Give free rein to your creativity without compromising style: Calzedonia gives you an variety of women’s socks and tights to bring your style to the forefront! Choose between short or knee-high socks, over-knee or hold-up tights, and between sheer, shaping, covering or fishnet tights/stockings to achieve the best look for every occasion. Going on a date? Opt for a pair of stockings to give you an air of sophisticated femininity, or tulle tights with appliqués or embroidery for something even more unique. Looking for a more casual look? We offer a variety of practical and fashionable short socks to pair with your favorite outfits: wear them with sneakers or with a pair of Oxford shoes and don't forget to leave them in full view – to make your look even more glamorous! Whereas if you’re going for a more formal look, opt for practical knee-highs to replace your tights, paired with a stylish pair of trousers and pumps. Calzedonia will meet your every need in style, to keep you warm in the coldest winter days with thermal or cashmere tights; embrace your shape at life’s special moments with maternity tights; feel even more perfect and comfortable with the Total Shaper shaping tights. Do you have an especially sporty personality? You'll definitely like our unisex sports socks to enhance your performance, thanks to the practical reinforcement near the heel and toe for extra strength, comfort and durability. Finally, after a long day’s work, you can unwind at home with the super comfortable non-slip ankle socks, soft booties or room socks to keep your feet warm and free to breathe.
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