Fishnet tights

Fishnet tights have made a bold comeback to the world of fashion. Even though they are considered a classic piece, they have long been neglected. Now is the time to bring them back in the spotlight and add a little edge to your look. Calzedonia offers a wide selection of fishnets, varying in size of the weave from micronet to mega fishnets all the way to whalenet tights. Those can be easily matched with ripped jeggings, wearing them below for a rebellious look or showing them above the waist if you wish to emphasize them in your outfit. They can also be used to brighten up your style - just wear them over colorful basic tights for a trendsetting look! If you prefer fishnets with "something extra", browse among the ones with various patterns and embellishments. Combination with polka dots can be especially tempting, giving you a lot of possibilities when combining them with other fashion pieces. If you are the one who likes to sparkle, glitter or pearl fishnet tights are then ones that will make you shine in every occasion. Feel free to play with the many options and rediscover this ultimate piece for every wardrobe!
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