Over-the-knee socks

Over-the-knee socks, with their unique length hitting just above the knee, are the women’s must-have accessory. Their sensuous fit makes them perfect for wearing on a romantic evening or over tights so that you can wear short skirts while keeping warm even during winter season. Calzedonia offers a wide range of products to suit every style: choose your ideal combination between microfiber over-knees, ultra-covering thermal-effect over-the-knee socks or cutwork stockings produced in various styles. Want to go even higher? Thigh-highs are a perfect choice! Get acquainted with our styles made from cotton or microfiber with different patterns and appliqué details. These socks are ideal for wearing with short skirts to leave your legs showing and elongate your figure. One of the season's trends is to match microfiber or wool over-the-knee socks with sheer tights for a fashionable look with a retro flair. This limitless accessory lets you create lively and snappy looks, as well as romantic and sophisticated outfits to match your style to every occasion. Calzedonia’s rich collection of over-the-knee socks will give you inspiration for every outfit you imagine! Be amazed by the beauty and practicality of over-the-knee socks made for true fashion lovers.

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